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Trevor Baird: I was born and raised in Northern Ireland with motorcycles in the blood, since a first ride around a muddy field and perhaps before then with family holidays at the famous North West 200 road race with the sound – vibration – smells – of thundering motorcycles

I started out on a Yamaha DT 175MX in 1977, with many bikes in between, before getting hooked on  the BMW GS styled bikes in the late nineties, moving through from the 1100GS  to the R1200GSA Adventure with a final foray, after riding BMW’s for over a decade to a downsized to a F800GS.

In between there has been a K1200RS, a Fireblade and a motorcycle and sidecar combination with a one time seismic like shift of tectonic plates of a Yamaha XV950, he has now gone back to his roots via an unexpected choice of a Royal Enfield Himalayan.

In 2012 we (Elaine and I) acquired a camper van and travelled in Germany – France – Spain – Portugal. Semi-retired at one stage in the South West of France went on a tour of Europe with a bigger motorhome and motorcycle on tow.

However now after looking to live in Italy but with the curb on travelling through the COVID 19 pandemic, Brexit the UK leaving Europe we have settled in Portugal as residents!

I was always interested in taking photos, though by no means above average at taking them, but it became a necessity when work took me to England and then Europe and reports needed to be prepared from meetings and events which required pictures to accompany them.   The websites I built needed photos too.

Returning to Northern Ireland in 2009, with the setting up of Right To Ride and the work involving motorcycle safety initiatives, there was no way cheaper than by doing it myself, along the way, I have with partner Elaine Hardy, re-established the Motorcycle Minds internet blog.

About Ye Design is a collection of websites that I’ve put together which include personal subjects to those done for friends and those that have paid.

About Ye Design incorporates my hobby of taking photos, starting from the present going back over as many years as I have copies, when cameras required film.

Why About Ye?  In Northern Ireland the expression “About Ye”  is a greeting  –   like ” G’day” for Australians and covers most enquiries from health to family circumstances.

BIG THANKS to Elaine for all her support…………….

Web Design – I now mainly use WordPress with the Genesis Framework by StudioPress and their various Child Themes.

Hosting I use now is through mainly – IONOS by 1&1 and Bluehost.

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All original photographs with maybe a bit of photo shopping and cropping  here and there.

Working on the principle that the camera outweighs my ability, I take dozens photos in the hope that one will turn out great……………….

A bit above holiday snaps and more recording of events, places and people!


All original content and images that are on this web site are a consequence of my hard work and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes or personal use without permission.

If in doubt please ask – I don’t bite.

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About Ye Design

Simple Design – In the Box – No blue skies – No lateral thinking – Shooting the Breeze  (I’ve borrowed these expressions from my past life which I picked up listening to gurus of spin who used them to blow smoke up peoples’ backsides)