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Journee Du Patrimoine

Title: Journee Du Patrimoin - Heritage Day Place: Sainte Foy La Grande - France Time: September - 2017 Extra: Heritage day of old vehicles including motorcycles at Sainte Foy La Grande on the banks of the Dordonge River. Gallery … [View ...]

Pussy Cat Face

Title: Pussy Cat Face Place: Sainte Foy La Grande - France Time: February 2016 Extra: There is a quite a lot of pictures to upload as things have moved on since the last post - now moved and living in Sainte Foy La Grande in France and our street has a "commune" of cats......... Gallery … [View ...]

Dogs On The Rocks

Title: Dogs On The Rocks Place: Strangford Lough - Northern Ireland - Co Down Time: August 2015 Extra: Group of dogs enjoying the rocky beach - the sea and the wind … [View ...]


Title: Alpaca Place: Redcross - Wicklow - Ireland Time: July 2014 Extra: Part of the nature walk at the River Valley Campsite. These Alpaca are just so strange looking in a comical sort of way! Gallery … [View ...]