Photographers Rights

As you may know my “day job” is working on riders issues here in Northern Ireland and those coming from the European Union, normally referred to “Rider’s Rights”.

So while putting About Ye Design together I came across issues regarding – “Photographer’s Rights”.

These issues mainly concern:

Needing permission to photograph someone in public.

Needing permission to photograph property.

Taking pictures of children.

Where you can and cannot take pictures – National Security – Harassment – Invasion of Privacy.

Taking pictures of police officers – here in Northern Ireland this is especially relevant –  and their powers as regards to the above.

And your responsibilities.

I can’t find anything if there is any specific – laws – rules – regulation – guidance for  Northern Ireland.

However this LINK pdf 167kb will take you to a document guide written by Linda Macpherson LL.B, Dip. L.P., LL.M hosted and discussed HERE

Other useful information is available on Urban 75 website – Click Here

“There’s nothing stopping you taking pictures of people in public places within reason, but if you start shoving your zoom lens up their nostrils or taking action shots of their every step, there’s a chance you might get a clip around the ear from your aggrieved subject or possibly face a legal charge of harassment or breach of the peace.”

In 2011 the UK Government issued guidance to the private security industry after photographers mounted a nationwide campaign to stop guards acting overzealously.

Read the guidance in full here as a pdf

Sound advice from the police in an interview with – Practical Photography Magazine – YouTube

There was I thinking it was simple just to point and shoot………………………….

Trevor Baird

Information correct at time of publication